About Us

Piggles Rescue is a long-standing (since 2009) member of Helping Homeless Pets - an umbrella organization of more than 40 rescue groups who have all signed a Code of Ethics for how they will rescue and care for animals in need. Helping Homeless Pets has enabled PGPR to grow as a rescue through advertising and support, and through their Donation program which enables people to donate to us and receive a tax receipt, even though PGPR itself is not a registered charity.  We are so proud to be a part of this incredible group that is making real changes in the lives of homeless animals.  Thank you to Helping Homeless Pets, and to its founder and former President Rob Goddard, for everything you have done and continue to do for the animals that need us most!  www.helpinghomelesspets.com


Piggles Rescue was established in 2009, since which time we have helped over 1500 piggies in need.  We do not have a shelter, and our guests are looked after in foster homes throughout the GTA.  You can contact us at info@pigglesrescue.com.

We are working to ensure that every guinea pig has a responsible, loving home where its needs are understood and met.  If you have any guinea pig related questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for information or advice.

These days, our piggies generally come from one main source - shelters where they do not have the facilities or expertise to house or deal with guinea pigs.  We cannot accept owner surrenders other than of piggies previously adopted from us, but are happy to advise on safe ways to rehome your pet(s), should you need to do so.  Please see Rehoming for details. 

We do not ever set out to breed guinea pigs, but we do have babies from time to time when shelters transfer pregnant or nursing females to us, or when owners ask us for help with finding homes for unexpected litters.  We currently have no babies or pregnant females.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if

  1.     you are looking to adopt guinea pigs (please note, we do not adopt out lone piggies, unless the adopter already has one or more) - first look at our Piggies 101 page to see if guinea pigs are right for your family, then check out our Adoptable section, and see Adoption Process for details of what to do next;

  2.     you need advice or information about caring for your guinea pig(s).

Please take the time to browse the site, as there’s lots here - adoptable piggies, guinea pig care, information on cages, general details about Piggles and our activities, ideas on what you can do to help animals and also links to other useful websites.

Please come back and visit often, as we are constantly adding more information. 


When looking at these statistics, you will notice an apparent discrepancy between the number of guinea pigs taken in and the number adopted out.  This difference is accounted for in several ways - some have died (remember, many are sick, elderly or otherwise compromised when we get them), some are unsuitable for adoption and have become permanent residents either at the rescue or in long-term foster homes, and some are still waiting for their forever home.

2009  Intake 20  Adopted out 7 (from Aug)

2010  Intake 116  Adopted out   87  

2011  Intake 116  Adopted out 103

2012  Intake 166  Adopted out 137

2013  Intake 199  Adopted out 192

2014  Intake 307  Adopted out 267

2015  Intake 284  Adopted out 269

2016  Intake 221  Adopted out 185


January Intake 11  Adopted out 13

February Intake 17  Adopted out 24

March Intake 18  Adopted out 13

April Intake 9  Adopted out 10

May  Intake 9  Adopted out 7

June Intake 2  Adopted out 20

July  Intake 27  Adopted out 9

August Intake 8  Adopted out 4

September Intake 14  Adopted out 19

October Intake 4  Adopted out 16

November (to date) Intake 2  Adopted out 7

Mission Statement:

“Working to ensure that every guinea pig has a responsible,

loving home where its needs

are understood and met.”

In 2016, Piggles Rescue created Guinea Pig Appreciation Day, to be celebrated each year on 16 July.  Of course, every day is a reason to celebrate guinea pigs!

We are extremely grateful to be sponsored by MarCam Pet Nutrition, makers of the Martin’s Little Friends range of guinea pig pellets and hay.

Good nutrition for our piggies is important to us, which is why we are very happy to be feeding them

Little Friends Guinea Pig Food.

Thank you, MarCam Pet Nutrition!