Adoptable Piggies

Please note, we only adopt out piggies in pairs or groups, unless the adopter already has one or more, and we will not split established pairs or groups. All the pigs on this page are already in bonded pairs/groups, and we will not split them under any circumstances.

We only adopt to homes within the Greater Toronto Area - that is, Toronto and the regions of Durham, York, Peel & Halton - and only to adults.  We would appreciate it if all correspondence about adopting to families could be conducted with one of the parents rather than with a minor. 

Before looking at our available piggies, please check out Piggies 101, to make sure they are the right companion animals for your family, and that you can provide for all their needs.

Are you looking for a spayed female or neutered male?  Neutered boys can be seen on the Singles page, but the spayed girls are rarely on the website as there is a lot of demand and we almost always have a wait list.  If you would like to go on our wait list for a spayed female, please e-mail us.

The piggies’ current location is stated in their description.  However, all piggies can easily be moved to different foster homes within the GTA, so don’t let their current location influence you.

Also check out Available Soon, as that is where our newest intakes are featured, and Courtesy Postings, where we feature some piggies still with their owner who are looking for new homes.

For more details and an adoption application form, please check out the information under Adoption Process and Links, and then contact us at

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please check out your local shelters and other rescues, or even Kijiji where the guinea pigs being rehomed are arguably in greatest need of help, as their future in very uncertain.  PLEASE do not buy from a pet store! Aside from the fact that pet store animals are frequently sick, infected with parasites, wrongly sexed or even already pregnant, buying from pet stores only serves to perpetuate the cruel practices in breeding for profit.  Animals are not consumer items, to be bought and discarded on a whim, and should not be available through retail stores.  Tell your local councillor, MP and MPP to ban retail animal sales!