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The piggies here fall into one of three categories.

Some are piggies which have been kept out of the adoption program for some reason - pregnant moms, babies, those recovering from an illness or other condition, those which require extra care to prepare them for adoption - but which are now nearly ready for their new home.  Where possible, the date on which we expect them to be available for adoption is given.

Some are single males in their post-neuter op waiting period (it takes 3 - 4 weeks to be sure they’re no longer fertile), and their description gives the date on which they will be ready to meet a female.

We also feature here any new arrivals, which are in quarantine (QT) until the stated date, at which time (all being well) they go into the adoption program. 

Unless otherwise stated in their description, anyone approved to adopt from us can request any of these piggies to be put on hold for them, on the understanding that some may not be available for a while and even those with a stated date are subject to change if circumstances so require. 

We always have piggies coming in, so check this page regularly as this is where the new arrivals first appear.