Whether you already have a guinea pig or are planning on getting one soon, the following sites have a wealth of really useful tips and information, and are a must-read for anyone hoping to adopt from us. - wonderful information on the day to day basics of cavy care. - more basic info, the art of successful cavy introductions  and why you should never breed your guinea pigs unless you really know what you're doing. - how to build an AWESOME cage, at a fraction of the prices charged in the pet stores.


Although rabbits are often considered to be very similar to guinea pigs, they have very different needs and rabbits require a lot more space to run around.  They are much more energetic than guinea pigs, and do not necessarily make good pets for children.  Plus which, unlike guinea pigs, they can jump, so bunny proofing an area is more difficult.

Before you even think about getting a rabbit, from us or anywhere else, please do check out


Piggles only deals with guinea pigs, but there are great rescues out there for the other small animals.


Rescue Angels Society Bunny Rescue



If any other small animal rescues would like a link to their website placed here, please contact us at



Run by Piggles foster mom Kathy, The Guinea Pig Store offers a great range of C&C cages, fleece items, hay and hay products, pellets and cage accessories.  All sales help to support the work of Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue.

Go In Peace Pet Sitting is a home-based service located in Markham, catering exclusively to small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters) and birds, providing a safe, peaceful environment with quality, experienced pet care.

The Go In Peace Pet Sitting motto is "Quality versus Quantity".  Pet guest numbers are kept small and relevant to available space - think Pet Bed & Breakfast versus Pet Hotel!  This approach ensures every pet has a clean comfortable area, receives sufficient one-on-one human interaction and plenty of TLC, and has lots of room for playtime and exercise.

There are no dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles or children within the Go In Peace Pet Sitting 

environment, which provides an additional layer of safety for your pet.

NOTE - Boarding spots get booked up months in advance, especially at holiday times. 

Book early to avoid disappointment!